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Wel­co­me to the YOUTH and HISTORY Project’s homepage!

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tea­chers’ and stu­dents’

 (Ger­man ver­si­on) 


Detail­ed infor­ma­ti­on can be found in the book
published by the Koer­ber-Foun­da­ti­on


What is YOUTH and HISTORY?

YOUTH and HISTORY is the name of an empi­ri­cal rese­arch pro­ject on
his­to­ri­cal con­scious­ness and poli­ti­cal atti­tu­des among teen­agers in 27
count­ries in Euro­pe and some bor­de­ring ter­ri­to­ries. It has been initiated
some 6 years ago by Magne Ang­vik
(Ber­gen, Nor­way) and Bodo von Borries
(Ham­burg, Ger­ma­ny). The pro­ject group has
sin­ce grown to uniting more than 30 rese­ar­chers from all par­ti­ci­pa­ting
and dif­fe­rent aca­de­mic disciplines. 

The project’s method has been a quan­ti­ta­ti­ve sur­vey using a standardized
ques­ti­on­n­aire which was put to near­ly 32,000 stu­dents. Ano­ther questionnaire
was fil­led out by their tea­chers (1,250). 

The field pha­se of the pro­ject lay in 1994/​95. Reports and analyses
have been published sin­ce 1996 (see publi­ca­ti­on-list). 

In March 1997, a two-volu­me docu­men­ta­ti­on, description
and ana­ly­sis
of YOUTH and HISTORY was published, accompanied
by a CD-ROM con­tai­ning the data­ba­ses of students
and teachers. 


The YOUTH and HISTORY pro­ject group in Hamburg
(E‑Mail: YOUTHIST@​erzwiss.​uni-​hamburg.​de)

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Acces­ses sin­ce July 29th 1997:   29/​7/​97 Oli­ver Baeck 21÷6÷199 A.Vollmer