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Will Bouwman

Tea­cher of histo­ry and civics in the secon­da­ry edu­ca­tio­nal field, tea­cher trai­ner and deve­lo­per of edu­ca­tio­nal mate­ri­als for secon­da­ry schools on histo­ry, civics and social sci­en­ces employ­ed by {KPC}, one of the three pedago­gi­cal cen­tres on natio­nal level in the Netherlands.


Kloos­ter­stra­at 47
NL-5708 GM Helmond

Pho­ne: +31/​492/​53 47 09
Fax: +31/​492/​55 43 16
E‑Mail: {wb1@​KPCgroep.​nl}

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