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Bibliographic Data and Informations for Ordering
YOUTH and HISTORY. A Comparative European Survey on
Historical Consciousness and Political Attitudes among Adolescents.

* {Vol A: Description}
* {Vol. B: Documentation}
* CD ROM, containing the whole Database.

Hamburg: edition KÖRBER-STIFTUNG, 1997

together 888 pages
ISBN 3-89684-005-3

incl. CD ROM: DM 98.-


Heinrich Heine Buchhandlung e.G., Hamburg
Tel.: +40/(0)40/44 11 33 – 0
Fax: +49/(0)40/44 11 33 – 22


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What does history mean to you? What do you think life was like in your country 40 years ago? And in 40 years time? Which presentation of history do you enjoy, which do you trust? For the first time questions like these, and many more, have been put to over 32,000 fifteen-year-olds and their teachers in a total of 27 European and bordering countries. The analysis of the amassed data now makes it possible to draw maps of historical interpretation and political opinion relative to adolescent Europeans.

{Volume A} presents descriptive results on the cross-cultural comparison. {Volume B} documents the data in detail. The complete data-set on CD-ROM accompanies this publication giving those interested access to further analyses.
* Preface by Joke van der Leeuw-Roord, President of EUROCLIO, the Standing Conference of History-Teachers Associations
* Preface by Dr. Wolf Schmidt, Körber-Foundation

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