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Franz Lanthaler

Tea­cher of Ger­man and Latin in the Real­gym­na­si­um “Albert Ein­stein”, a secon­da­ry school in Meran. He is a gra­dua­te from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Inns­bruck (Aus­tria), whe­re he pre­sen­ted his the­sis in Dialec­to­lo­gy in 1971. He has been a mem­ber of the staff of the Pedago­gi­cal Insti­tu­te for the Ger­man Lan­guage Group in Bozen/​Bolzano befo­re retur­ning to his school. He has published a num­ber of artic­les and edi­ted a cou­ple of books on socio­lin­gu­i­stic mat­ters con­cer­ning South Tyrol, bes­i­des some artic­les on tea­cher trai­ning and edu­ca­tio­nal problems.


Klos­ter­stras­se 49
I‑39012 Meran

Phone:+39/473/23 56 06
Fax: +39/​473/​44 94 22
E‑Mail: {franz@​tangram.​it}