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Nicole Tutiaux-Guillon

Head of rese­arch in didac­tic of histo­ry at the Insti­tut Natio­na­le de Récher­che Péd­ago­gi­que ({INRP}) in Paris. She recei­ved her mas­ter in histo­ry 1972; the agré­ga­ti­on in histo­ry 1972. She work­ed as a histo­ry tea­cher in a lycée. Sin­ce 1977 she is doing peg­ago­gi­cal rese­arch. She has recei­ved her D.E.A. in didac­tics of histo­ry 1994 and is curr­ent­ly working on a the­sis in the same field. She has published seve­ral rese­arch reports and artic­les and is doing tea­cher trai­ning for histo­ry teachers.


Insti­tu­te Natio­na­le de Récher­che Pédagogique
Dep. 3

29, rue d’Ulm
F‑75230 Paris-Cedex 05

Pho­ne: +33/​1/​46 34 90 89
Fax: +33/​1/​43 54 32 01
E‑Mail: {guillon@paris.u‑}