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Sirkka Ahonen

Asso­cia­te Pro­fes­sor of Histo­ry of Edu­ca­ti­on at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Hel­sin­ki. She is a gra­dua­te of the Uni­ver­si­ty of Hel­sin­ki, whe­re she also pre­sen­ted her doc­to­ral the­sis in 1990, The Form of His­to­ri­cal Know­ledge and the Ado­le­s­cent Under­stan­ding of It. She has also published Clio Sans Uni­form. A Stu­dy of the Post-Mar­xist Trans­for­ma­ti­on of the Histo­ry Cur­ri­cu­la in East Ger­ma­ny and Esto­nia, 1986 – 1991 (1992). Sirk­ka Aho­nen has lec­tu­red histo­ry didac­tics at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Hel­sin­ki sin­ce 1980 and published artic­les and text­books on the topic for the pur­po­ses of tea­cher edu­ca­ti­on. At pre­sent she is working on the histo­ry of education.


Uni­ver­si­ty of Helsinki
Dept. of Education

Bule­var­di 18, Pb. 39
SF-00014 Uni­ver­si­ty of Helsinki

Pho­ne: +358 /​ 0 /​ 191 8064
Fax: +358 /​ 0 /​ 191 8073
E‑Mail: {Sirkka.​Ahonen@​helsinki.​fi}