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Körber, Andreas: “Historical Thinking and Historical Competencies as Didactic Core Concepts”

12. Februar 2014 Andreas Körber Keine Kommentare

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Kör­ber, Andre­as: “His­to­ri­cal Thin­king and His­to­ri­cal Com­pe­ten­ci­es as Didac­tic Core Con­cepts”. In: Bjerg, Hel­le; Kör­ber, Andre­as; Lenz, Clau­dia; von Wro­chem, Oli­ver (2014; Eds.): Tea­ching His­to­ri­cal Memo­ries in an Inter­cul­tu­ral Per­spec­ti­ve. Con­cepts and Methods. Expe­ri­en­ces and Results from the Teac­Mem Pro­ject. Ber­lin: Metro­pol (Neu­en­gam­mer Kol­lo­qui­en; 4); ISBN: 9783863311148, S. 69 – 96.