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Aus einem Pro­jekt der Kol­le­gen Jan Löf­ström (Hel­sin­ki, FInn­land), Niklas Ammert (Kal­mar, Schwe­den) und Hea­ther Sharp (New­cast­le, Aus­tra­li­en) zum Zusam­men­hang von Geschichts- und mora­li­schem Bewusst­sein ist ein Son­der­band der Online-Zeit­schrift “His­to­ri­cal Encoun­ters” hervorgegangen,

His­to­ri­cal Encoun­ters. A jour­nal of his­to­ri­cal con­scious­ness, his­to­ri­cal cul­tures, and his­to­ri­cal edu­ca­ti­on. 4,1 (2017): Spe­cial Issue: His­to­ri­cal and Moral Consciousness

mit fol­gen­den Arti­keln, dar­un­ter einem eigenen:

  • Niklas Ammert, Sil­via Edling, Jan Löf­ström, Hea­ther Sharp: „Bridging his­to­ri­cal con­scious­ness and moral con­scious­ness: Pro­mi­ses and chal­lenges“, pp. 1 – 13
  • Guð­mun­dur Heiðar Frí­manns­son: „Moral and his­to­ri­cal con­scious­ness“, pp. 14 – 22
  • Niklas Ammert: „Pat­terns of reaso­ning: A ten­ta­ti­ve model to ana­ly­se his­to­ri­cal and moral con­scious­ness among 9th gra­de stu­dents“, pp. 23 – 35
  • Sil­via Edling: „His­to­ri­cal and modal con­scious­ness in the light of ethics of dis­sen­sus: One approach to hand­le plu­ra­li­ty in edu­ca­ti­on.“, pp. 36 – 51
  • Fre­d­rik Alvén: „Making demo­crats while deve­lo­ping their his­to­ri­cal con­scious­ness: A com­plex task.“, pp. 52 – 67
  • Jan Löf­ström, Liisa Myy­ry: „Ana­ly­sing ado­le­s­cents’ reaso­ning about his­to­ri­cal respon­si­bi­li­ty in dia­lo­gue bet­ween histo­ry edu­ca­ti­on and social psy­cho­lo­gy.“, pp. 68 – 80
  • Andre­as Kör­ber: „His­to­ri­cal con­scious­ness and the moral dimen­si­on.“; pp. 81 – 89