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In der Doku­men­ta­ti­on zur Tagung “His­to­ri­cis­ing the Uses of the Past” in Oslo ist eine eng­lisch­spra­chi­ge Kurz­fas­sung des FUER-Kom­pe­tenz­mo­dells erschienen:


Kör­ber, Andre­as (2011): “Ger­man Histo­ry Didac­tics: From His­to­ri­cal Con­scious­ness to His­to­ri­cal Com­pe­ten­ci­es – and bey­ond?” In: Bjerg, Hel­le; Lenz, Clau­dia; Thors­ten­sen, Erik (Hgg.; 2011): His­to­ri­cis­ing the Uses of the Past – Scan­di­na­vi­an Per­spec­ti­ves on Histo­ry Cul­tu­re, His­to­ri­cal Con­scious­ness and Didac­tics of Histo­ry Rela­ted to World War II. Bie­le­feld: tran­script (Zeit – Sinn – Kul­tur); <a href=“”>ISBN: 9783837613254</a> ; pp. 145 – 164.