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Vortrag zum Zusammenhang von Moral- und Geschichtsbewusstsein

29. April 2015 Andreas Körber Keine Kommentare

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Kör­ber, Andre­as (27.4.2015): “His­to­ri­cal Thin­king and the Moral Dimen­si­on. Some Aspects of their Inter­re­la­ti­on.” Paper pre­sen­ted at “Towards an Inte­gra­ted Theo­ry of His­to­ri­cal Con­scious­ness and Moral Con­scious­ness. Metho­do­lo­gy and Rese­arch Net­work Initia­ting Work­shop.” Hel­sin­ki (Fin­land); Unver­si­ty of Hel­sin­ki; April 27. – 29.; 2015.