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am kom­men­den Frei­tag, 1.7. spricht Ste­ven Ste­gers, Pro­gramm­di­rek­tor von EUROCLIO an unse­rer Fakul­tät (in eng­li­scher Spra­che) unter dem Titel “A Bird‘s Eye View of Histo­ry Exams across Euro­pe. Why the assess­ment of His­to­ri­cal Com­pe­ten­ces mat­ters” über (kom­pe­tenz­ori­en­tier­tes) Prü­fen und Dia­gnos­ti­zie­ren beim Geschichtslernen.

Aus der Ankündigung:

“In this pre­sen­ta­ti­on, Ste­ven Ste­gers, the Pro­gram­me Direc­tor of EUROCLIO (Euro­pean Asso­cia­ti­on of Histo­ry Edu­ca­tors) will share his expe­ri­ence of working on histo­ry edu­ca­ti­on pro­jects across Euro­pe. He will focus on the impli­ca­ti­ons of the way assess­ment – espe­ci­al­ly exams – are impac­ting the way histo­ry is being taught. He will compa­re and con­trast di!erent prac­ti­ces in terms of the rela­ti­ve importance of cen­tral exams: what is being asses­sed, and what are the aims of histo­ry edu­ca­ti­on in the first place.”
Wir laden herz­lich ein.