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Aho­nen, Sirk­ka; Ang­vik, Magne; Bor­ries, Bodo v.; Bouw­man, Will; Kör­ber, Andre­as; Silier, Orhan (1997): “Sci­en­ti­fic Per­spec­ti­ves in the Con­text of His­to­rio­gra­phy and Cul­tu­re of Histo­ry.” In: Ang­vik, Magne; v. Bor­ries, Bodo (1997; Eds.): YOUTH and HISTORY. A Com­pa­ra­ti­ve Euro­pean Sur­vey on His­to­ri­cal Con­scious­ness and Poli­ti­cal Atti­tu­des among Adolescents.Vol. A: Descrip­ti­on. Ham­burg: edi­ti­on Kör­ber-Stif­tung; ISBN: 3896840053; pp. A 407 — A 410.