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HERJ 16,1 Title


Focusing on the global significance and impact of history education, this international journal covers all aspects of history education theory, scholarship, and pure and applied research.

Editors: Jon Nichol, Hilary Cooper and Arthur Chapman

NEW for spring 2019:

Special issue: Triangulation in history education research

JOURNAL CONTENTS: vol. 16, no. 1

Special issue: Triangulation in history education research

Guest editors: Roland Bernhard, Christoph Bramann and Christoph Kühberger

This special issue sprang from an international symposium in Salzburg, Austria in 2017, called Triangulation in History Education Research. It includes articles on mixed-methods research and triangulation in history education research from seven different countries: Australia, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

· Roland BERNHARD, Christoph BRAMANN & Christoph KÜHBERGER – Mixed methods and triangulation in history education research: Introduction

· Udo KELLE, Christoph KÜHBERGER & Roland BERNHARD – How to use mixed-methods and triangulation designs: An introduction to history education research

· Manuel KÖSTER & Thünemann – The untapped potential of mixed-methods research approaches for German history education research

· Terry HAYDN – Triangulation in history education research, and its limitations: A view from the UK

· Heather SHARP – Bricolage research in history education as a scholarly mixed-methods design

· Roland BERNHARD – Using mixed methods to capture complexity in a large-scale empirical project about teachers’ beliefs and history education in Austria

· Arie WILSCHUT & Koen SCHIPHORST – ‘One has to take leave as much as possible of one’s own standards and values’: Improving and measuring historical empathy and perspective reconstruction

· Christopher WOSNITZA & Johannes MEYER-HAMME – Student essays expressing historical thinking: A quantitative and dually qualitative analysis of 1,100 papers for the History Contest of the German President

· Bodo VON BORRIES – The experience of and reflection on triangulation and/or mixed methods, discussing a study on the ideal and reality, use and understanding of history textbooks

· Monika WALDIS, Martin NITSCHE & Corinne WYSS – Assessing pre-service history teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge with a video survey using open-ended writing assignments and closed-ended rating items

· Mariana LAGARTO – Profiles of teaching and learning moments in the history classroom

· Christoph KÜHBERGER, Christoph BRAMANN, Zarah WEIß & Detmar MEURERS – Task complexity in history textbooks: A multidisciplinary case study on triangulation in history education research

· Glória SOLÉ – Children’s understanding of time: A study in a primary history classroom

The History Education Research Journal is a bi-annual, open-access, peer-reviewed journal based at the UCL Institute of Education, in collaboration with the History Educators International Research Network (HEIRNET), and hosted in partnership with the Historical Association. It is a relaunch of the International Journal of Historical Learning, Teaching and Research (IJHLTR). Back issues of IJHLTR will remain available through the Historical Association until they are transferred to the new journal’s home page. For information about how to contribute to the History Education Research Journal, visit UCL IOE Press.


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