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HERJ 16,1 Title


Focu­sing on the glo­bal signi­fi­can­ce and impact of histo­ry edu­ca­ti­on, this inter­na­tio­nal jour­nal covers all aspects of histo­ry edu­ca­ti­on theo­ry, scho­lar­ship, and pure and appli­ed research.

Edi­tors: Jon Nichol, Hila­ry Coo­per and Arthur Chapman

NEW for spring 2019:

Spe­cial issue: Tri­an­gu­la­ti­on in histo­ry edu­ca­ti­on research

JOURNAL CONTENTS: vol. 16, no. 1

Spe­cial issue: Tri­an­gu­la­ti­on in histo­ry edu­ca­ti­on research

Guest edi­tors: Roland Bern­hard, Chris­toph Bra­mann and Chris­toph Kühberger

This spe­cial issue sprang from an inter­na­tio­nal sym­po­si­um in Salz­burg, Aus­tria in 2017, cal­led Tri­an­gu­la­ti­on in Histo­ry Edu­ca­ti­on Rese­arch. It includes artic­les on mixed-methods rese­arch and tri­an­gu­la­ti­on in histo­ry edu­ca­ti­on rese­arch from seven dif­fe­rent count­ries: Aus­tra­lia, Aus­tria, Ger­ma­ny, the Net­her­lands, Por­tu­gal, Switz­er­land and the United Kingdom.

· Roland BERNHARD, Chris­toph BRAMANN & Chris­toph KÜHBERGER – Mixed methods and tri­an­gu­la­ti­on in histo­ry edu­ca­ti­on rese­arch: Introduction

· Udo KELLE, Chris­toph KÜHBERGER & Roland BERNHARD – How to use mixed-methods and tri­an­gu­la­ti­on designs: An intro­duc­tion to histo­ry edu­ca­ti­on research

· Manu­el KÖSTER & Thü­ne­mann – The untap­ped poten­ti­al of mixed-methods rese­arch approa­ches for Ger­man histo­ry edu­ca­ti­on research

· Ter­ry HAYDN – Tri­an­gu­la­ti­on in histo­ry edu­ca­ti­on rese­arch, and its limi­ta­ti­ons: A view from the UK

· Hea­ther SHARP – Bri­co­la­ge rese­arch in histo­ry edu­ca­ti­on as a scho­lar­ly mixed-methods design

· Roland BERNHARD – Using mixed methods to cap­tu­re com­ple­xi­ty in a lar­ge-sca­le empi­ri­cal pro­ject about tea­chers’ beliefs and histo­ry edu­ca­ti­on in Austria

· Arie WILSCHUT & Koen SCHIPHORST – ‘One has to take lea­ve as much as pos­si­ble of one’s own stan­dards and values’: Impro­ving and mea­su­ring his­to­ri­cal empa­thy and per­spec­ti­ve reconstruction

· Chris­to­pher WOSNITZA & Johan­nes MEYER-HAMME – Stu­dent essays expres­sing his­to­ri­cal thin­king: A quan­ti­ta­ti­ve and dual­ly qua­li­ta­ti­ve ana­ly­sis of 1,100 papers for the Histo­ry Con­test of the Ger­man President

· Bodo VON BORRIES – The expe­ri­ence of and reflec­tion on tri­an­gu­la­ti­on and/​or mixed methods, dis­cus­sing a stu­dy on the ide­al and rea­li­ty, use and under­stan­ding of histo­ry textbooks

· Moni­ka WALDIS, Mar­tin NITSCHE & Corin­ne WYSS – Asses­sing pre-ser­vice histo­ry tea­chers’ pedago­gi­cal con­tent know­ledge with a video sur­vey using open-ended wri­ting assign­ments and clo­sed-ended rating items

· Maria­na LAGARTO – Pro­files of tea­ching and lear­ning moments in the histo­ry classroom

· Chris­toph KÜHBERGER, Chris­toph BRAMANN, Zarah WEIß & Det­mar MEURERS – Task com­ple­xi­ty in histo­ry text­books: A mul­ti­di­sci­pli­na­ry case stu­dy on tri­an­gu­la­ti­on in histo­ry edu­ca­ti­on research

· Glória SOLÉ – Children’s under­stan­ding of time: A stu­dy in a pri­ma­ry histo­ry classroom

The Histo­ry Edu­ca­ti­on Rese­arch Jour­nal is a bi-annu­al, open-access, peer-review­ed jour­nal based at the UCL Insti­tu­te of Edu­ca­ti­on, in col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with the Histo­ry Edu­ca­tors Inter­na­tio­nal Rese­arch Net­work (HEIRNET), and hos­ted in part­ner­ship with the His­to­ri­cal Asso­cia­ti­on. It is a relaunch of the Inter­na­tio­nal Jour­nal of His­to­ri­cal Lear­ning, Tea­ching and Rese­arch (IJHLTR). Back issues of IJHLTR will remain available through the His­to­ri­cal Asso­cia­ti­on until they are trans­fer­red to the new journal’s home page. For infor­ma­ti­on about how to con­tri­bu­te to the Histo­ry Edu­ca­ti­on Rese­arch Jour­nal, visit UCL IOE Press.


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