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Learning Each Other‘s Historical Narrative – Gastvortrag

Vortrag am 16. Juli 2009 16:15

Einladung zu einem

in englischer Sprache

Prof. Dr. Shifra Sagy
(Ben-Gurion-University of the Negev;
Beer-Sheva, Israel)

Prof. Dr. Sami Adwan
(Bethlehem University,
Palestinian Authority)

Learning Each Other‘s Historical Narrative
An innovative form of peace-promoting history teaching and its background conditions in conflicting societies

Sami Adwan, Prof. of Education in Bethlehem, is co-initiator (together with the late with Dan Bar-On) and co-director of PRIME, the Peace-Research Institute for the Middle East in Talitha Kumi. In this function, he initiated a project for promoting a culture of mutual understanding among Jewish Israeli and Palestinian Students using a history textbook presenting the history of their societies‘ conflict in two contrasting narratives (Learning each other‘s historical narrative; 3 volumes). This project makes use of principles which correlate with standard principles of history teaching, theoretically cherished in German history didactics, however not fully implemented in teaching materials so far (multiperspectivity, controversialty, orientation on narratives rather than only on primary sources). Prof. Adwan will give a presentation about the idea of, the concept for and the experiences with this project.

Shifra Sagy, Prof. of Psychology, has undertaken empirical research about the perception of the mutual conflict among Jewish and Arab Israeli students in a longitudinal study. She will present her results and discuss them with special regard to effects of the the changing political situation onto both the perception and interpretation both of the past and on the attitudes towards the other.

Fakultät für Erziehungswissenschaft, Psychologie und Bewegungswissenschaft

Professur für Erziehungswissenschaft

unter bes. Berücksichtigung der Didaktik der Geschichte und der Politik

Prof. Dr. Andreas Körber